Wednesday, June 14, 2006

This is a start...

After my mom finally stopped being scared of a pc and entered the magical world of Internet and emails, I thought about following some friend's path and having my very little own blog as well, so she can have a little bit more of her daughter. And here I am, at work (don't tell anybody!), figuring out the magics of an online companion... Where should I start? What about some pictures of my new house in San Diego? "Welcome, everybody". "Please, don't bother leaving your shoes outside. And yes, you can bring your dog".

As soon as I walked into this house, there was a strange and magic feeling about it. Old (well, ok, old for the West Coast!), warm, fun, strange. There's the living room... and here's where afternoons and evenings are spent in relax (and something else...): the pool and hot tub!

And here I am, thinking about White-Christmas mountains and when I'll finally be able to hop on another plane and cross the (cold) ocean again. Soon... very very soon. Thanks for sharing this adventure with me. An adventure started a very long time ago.

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