Friday, June 16, 2006

Vail Lake, Temecula

I've been pretty spaced out in the office these days; everybody was out for conferences or classes, and only me and other two people were "defending the fortress" and re-adjusting to the weather after "June Gloom". But yesterday and today I left my desk and went out... to the hot weather of Temecula Valley. Actually, only today to Temecula, but let's stop being picky, shall we? Eagles were flying, quails were trying to committ suicide while we were driving, and the sun was shining. What can you ask for more?

Well, maybe some water would be nice... I can't believe they built these big inlets and the last water mark seen here was probably from the Civil War!

Alas, after tons of pictures, lots of sneezing and a hint of a rattlesnake along the road, we made it to the dam. I know, I know, it's not the Hoover Dam, but it's big enough for me and for the people that were having fun on a Friday afternoon water-skiing behind it. Happy summer!

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