Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A day in La Jolla

Hello! Sorry for not posting anything for over a week (ouch), but some things kept me a bit (lot) busy. New rooommate in the house, change of weather (yes, yes, even in San Diego), crazy at work, crazy things I've been setting my mind to. In order to restore the "quiet" atmosphere and go back to normal, here are some pictures of me, Andrea and Brent in La Jolla last weekend.

As a true San Diegan, Brent knows the cutest spots in town (and the most beautiful houses as well). If you have time and want to try them out, check Point Loma (left on Talbott coming from Rosencranz St., park the car at the little bay-beach and hike up the trail) and Bankers Hill, where the Spruce Street suspended bridge hangs in between canyons. Here's La Jolla, again:

I forgot to mention that Andrea's novel is going to be published in November in Italy. Urrah! More information's coming up.

Also, if you are looking for a "different" article to read, check the latest UTNE magazine issue with "Trauma: get over it" (http://www.utne.com/pub/2006_136/promo/12168-1.html). And Sam Keen's interview on the flying trapeze at http://www.scottlondon.com/interviews/keen.html.

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