Friday, July 21, 2006

Hornblower Cruise - Part 2 (Jackie Greene)

For all you San Diegans KPRI (102.1) listeners out there, here's what happens when you get some tickets for a cruise over the bay at sunset... with concert. Last night, I took my new roommate, Loui-boy Jay, to a Hornblower Cruise with Jackie Greene singing.

First, let's start with some smiles and leave downtown behind us...

More smiles, please...! Oh, much better now..

The boat is going, the music is starting, and everybody is having a good time. Even Jay, who met a very charming Southern Belle from Alabama, who's been living in San Diego for 19 years and is still waiting for somebody to tell her that she has to pack and go back home.

The boat took a super-long trip around the Bay, and even made it close to Hotel Del.
And here's the Sacramento musician, who recovering from a bad cold, stated: "I've never been on a boat before, I'm sick, I'm working, and it's great!". He was really good... and looks much younger than he is.

Concluding the trip under the Coronado Bridge at night. It reminded me of the time (a veery long time ago) when I went fishing sturgeons in San Pablo Bay and the boat went under the new Carquinez Bridge... I still consider all the San Francisco area bridges the most beautiful ones I've seen, but this one is so long I can't help but admiring it. Sometimes the engineer in me comes out. Bad girl!

Now if you are in for a search on "more", go here . There are two pictures of me as well! And if you can guess how old he is, you win a little prize.
Here's three reasons to listen to Jackie Greene and e some trivia(

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