Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Nina.... Nina....

I have never been a cat lover, but in the past months or so, spending time with my friend Lorie's cat, Lila, I thought it wasn't going to be bad if I had one myself, now that I have my own place. On top of everything, I picked my apartment because I'm allowed to have a cat, so I guess I had my mind set even before that. I really love dogs (the bigger, the better!), and grew up with them, but my only experience with cats was our little feral cat Camilla when I was ten years old (who turned out to be "Camill-o", a boy, but he was answering the female name anyway, so we kept it!)... a beautiful but wild black cat that after many attempts to kill my sister's birds and ruin my mom's dinners left us for a better life of freedom.

I had decided to adopt a kitty from the shelter, but it has been pretty tough. You have to fill tons of questionnaires, prove that you have enough income to support her (I feel so much like a parent!), provide your landlord's (or homeowners associations) info so you don't get kicked out for having a cat... and, finally, go and meet your prospect loved one. Then, THEY decide if you're a good match and, finally, you're good to go. I filled out documents at the San Diego SPCA, with CatAdoption, and waited to see what happened. I was waiting for my kitty to find me, with a little help on my side looking on the petfinder.com website, but just waiting. Obviously, the law of attraction works pretty well, because two days after I set my mind of adopting a cat, I saw Nina's picture on the website, called the pet store where she was, asked if she was still available, went to meet her, and waited till they called my landlady so I could take her home with me. I went to see Nina in a lovely pet store in OB, called "Bone Appetit" (ha ha); she's been given to them by the county shelter when they were too filled up to take her in and they asked them to host her instead of euthanized her.

On Thursday night, after shopping with Lorie for an hour or so and getting lost at Petsmart (the toys are qutie entertaining for humans as well!), my house looked like a refugee camp. Or, should I say, a "legal immigrant" camp?

When I saw her on Tuesday night, I fell in love. How could you think of killing this little bundle of joy?? Kelley at the store named her Nina, and I thought it was a cute name, so I kept it. Here's how she looked on Saturday morning, after the first night spent together.

She's super playful, happy, fun to have around, sometimes crazy and sometimes pensive and purry. She likes company at her own terms, like every cat, so it's even more amazing when they join you and hang on to you.

She has funny "flames" above the eyes, little eyeliner, and two bigger stripes that look like rims of sunglasses. I knew I was going to live her alone during the day when I was at work, so I bought many toys to entertain her...

Here's Nina playing with the ball-thingy trapped inside the circle.

She runs so fast through the tunnel!

Loves feathers and the little colorful one that Lorie gave to her.

She loves hiding in the dirty laundry basket, which, luckily, is never too dirty!

And, at the end of the day, enjoys a little nap close to mom's knitting. Her belly is still shaved, so pinky and cute. Welcome to my life, Nina!


Michel said...

rrrrrrrrrrrrrr =)
ho sempre amato i felini...

Capobelsky said...

Baci Laura, Emanuele e Alice (che non vede l'ora di tirare la coda al micio...)