Monday, March 19, 2007

My "alternative family" at home

So... some people were complaining about the scarcity of "native-speaking" posts, so here's a brand new one with my little family here in San Diego. It really is little (the other two components don't reach my knee), eight-legged (actually, ten if we count mine), and very cute. Nina was the first addition, and now I have another member. Here's Nina shining away from the cameras when she didn't know what was just about to happen... how hard life has to be when everybody wants to take your picture???

As you know, I always felt kind of guilty leaving Nina alone all day. She would greet me at the door like a prisoner without visit schedules, so I kept thinking that maybe adding another cat was not such a bad idea. And after a night at Black's Beach celebrating the full moon, here I was peeking into a cage at Bone Appetit in OB. A signature, my adoption documents done, and I was the proud owner of a very cute black cat (funny, because when I was looking to get Nina I was looking for a black one).

Here's "Mr. Little Man", as they called him in the shop, the night I took him home. It was a crazy night, I had to decide if I was going to move out of this house, this town, and maybe this country, after struggling with my lawyer and my Green Card for almost a year... and to free my mind and let the light come, I decided to take this little creature at home with me a night earlier. Please note the "Pet Taxi" I borrowed from Kelly at the store...

Nina was a little upset at the beginning and kept hissing at him, but after about an hour I let him outside the carrier. She was running after him, still unaware of the fact that he was real and moving, and that he wasn't a toy. He's been such a sweet kitty, never complained of what Nina was trying to do to him... till he discovered that he could use his paws (and claws!) and keep her out of troubles! Doesn't he look like a toy in this picture?

He loved hiding and sleeping in the tunnel... he has green eyes and a strange look on his face.

They bonded pretty quickly, and by the next night they were both eating from the same bowl. I always put two bowls down, but they always start from one and then move to the next one... go figure.

Oh, yes, the name. They called him "Jonas" at the shop, but I kind of knew it wasn't the name he was supposed to have. For one thing, it didn't fit him (don't ask me why), but more important he wasn't answering to it. So while I was driving back home with him in the carrier I thought about a name... and Bodhi came out. That night, talking to Jeff and Karen, I asked them some suggestions as well, and among the Indian names Jeff came up with was Bodhi. I wasn't sure about the meaning, but after I found out what it was I thought it was perfect. Black, Yang, and light, Yin.

"Bodhi (बोधि), the Pāli and Sanskrit word for "awakening" or "enlightenment", is an abstract noun formed from the verbal root budh (awake, become aware, notice, know or understand), corresponding to the verbs bujjhati (Pāli) and bodhati or budhyate (Sanskrit). Bodhi in Buddhism specifically means the awakening experience attained by Gautama Buddha and his disciples. It is sometimes described as complete and perfect sanity, or awareness of the true nature of the universe. After attainment, it is believed one is freed from the cycle of Samsāra: birth, suffering, death and rebirth (see moksha)" from Wikipedia.

They learned how to get both up the window ledge, and stare at the birds outside.

Nina is getting bigger by the day (I said BIGGER, not FATTER), but she's still really cute. She kept the flames on her forehead and the light creamy coloring on her face.

The bundle up on the couch, and he doesn't seem to mind to turn into a cat-sandwich! His face in the photo below proves it... he really doesn't care at all.

But sometimes they all want their own space... Nina likes snuggling with me when I'm sitting at the table, while Bodhi likes the little red bed and the tunnel.

He has his own collar, but unfortunately it is way too big for him, so I ended up using Nina's collar and giving Nina his own. Also, did I mention that he fetches the little toy-mice I throw? I didn't quite believe when people were telling me that cats either do it or don't, and Nina never did it. Bodhi, on the other side, is the greatest catcher...

So, here I am. Oh, yes, I ended up deciding to give a new lawyer another chance, and that leaving San Diego was probably not the smartest choice of all :) This week Master Chen Bing is coming to teach a series of seminars at the Taoist Sanctuary, and I'm hoping to take some pictures and post them. Here's a great video of Chen Xiaowang doing the 38 form... (I took his seminar last year), him doing Push Hands (so you know why taiji is a real martial art!) Here's Chen Bing doing the same form, and my favorite one


Anonymous said...

E' davvero bello!!!
Ottima scelta!
Laura A.

Anonymous said...

Ma piiiiiiiiiiiiicoli amori!
Tanti tanti baci da parte mia!
I mici hanno tutta l'arte nel sangue. E' da loro che imparo.