Monday, July 09, 2007

Catching Up...

Sorry it took me so long to post something on... I've been taking lots of classes (I'm finally done with the whole "Physiology-Pathology-Nutrition-and-more" series and I just finished Myofascia Release and Passive Joint, and started Sports Massage and Deep Tissue...) and working a lot on the Hawaii-Dam project. So here I am!

First, I wanted to let you know that after almost three years (shame on me!) I bought a plane ticket to Italy.. September 1st to the 16th. I'm already so excited that I'm glad I have more classes to take at full speed because otherwise I would have been wondering every day how long it is from here to September! And to keep mom updated on my cats and little balcony, here are some pictures. Nina is getting bigger and bigger (no, I didn't say "fatter and fatter"!)

And quite the sleeper too during the day. Look at all these sharp teeth!

Bodhi is the quiet one, with busts of tenderness and happiness very much unexpected. I have a green shirt with the exact same color of his eyes, and it looks so good when I pick him up!

After going to the Fair (see pictures to come) with Jeff and Karen, we stopped at REI, which is my favorite rec&sport equipments shop. They give you great deals and dividends, so I ended up getting another pair of my happy Mary-Jane sporty shoes, the Keens.

And at mom's request, my new flowers on my balcony. It is not that big, but I try to keep it very colorful. I took these pictures about a month ago, and now my purple bouganville is covered with flower and blooming like crazy.

I also have a pink geranium and lots of.. I forgot the name. The blue flowers... oh well. Those.

Another little view... with alomst all of them (excluding a bonsai plant, a hanging one, and my ficus taking a vacation outside for the day.

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Simone said...

Brava brava, continua a studiare! Ricordo perfettamente di essere in credito, così come la mia sorellina (giusto Elly?), di un certo numero di massaggi ;)
A prestissimo