Monday, July 21, 2008

Carlsbad Flower Fields

Sorry about the posting-delay... I've been kind of lazy and I haven't taken too many pictures in the last months, so I'm posting everything now :)
In May, I went with Karen to the Flower Fields in Carlsbad. It's a whole "soooo-many-acres" planted with ranunculi... (plural for ranunculus!). They plant them to sell the bulbs, so the colors are incredible and the flowers last forever. Here we are, Karen and I, perusing around with lots of fresh lemonade to kick the heat away. First we wanted to try the little maze, which was way too easy because we found the exit at the first attempt. Maybe it was meant for kids :)

Isn't she pretty?

We were trying to capture the whole photo (and field) with our arms open, but they were too big (the fields, not the arms)!

It was a pity we couldn't walk "in" the fields, just around. But stepping on the bulbs, mmm, no, it's not very nice.

In Maggio sono andata con Karen a visitare i Flower Fields in Carlsbad. E' una distesa di colline tutte piantate a ranuncoli, a distesa d'occhio. Raccolgono e vendono i bulbi, quindi i fiori durano tanto e sono di tantissimi colori diversi. Si vede l'oceano sullo sfondo...

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