Thursday, July 24, 2008

Comic-Con 2008

This is definitely an "English speaking" post. I went to Comic-Con today... and now I'm back with a huge headache. Happy headache, but gosh, how many people! I think I'll take a long nap and hopefully I'll go back to reality in a few hours.
I went a bit earlier than I was thinking (I wanted to check out the booths, do some "people watching" and see some of the panels for the new movies coming out in the 6,500 people Hall H).
I got my badge and happily strolled into the Convention Center. It was not yet too crowded, so you could still move around and actually get to "see" the booths. After 11, forget about it, unless you have big arms and a really big body to shield from the crowd!

There were gadgets of every sort and I honestly never heard of most of the things around. It was fun anyway, though. I shot some pictures of the things I actually DID know... Star Wars...

Huge booth with all the Star Trek memorabilia...

When I was on my way to find the place where apparently they were hiding all the "toasters" and the Battlestar Galactica fans, I peeked out of the window into the crowd coming in the Convention Center... not bad, ah? More and more coming!

And here's the bad news for you toasters lovers... nobody knew how to get to the Mezzanine (where everything was). There were tons of signs on several stairs saying "does not lead to Mezzanine", but can you find one that actually says "here's the Mezzanine, please welcome"??? Of course not :) Even people with helpful badges and that were obviously working for Comic-Con told me that they were not officially trained on how to answer people regarding where to find this magical and mistical place called "the Mezzanine". I so felt into the NightWatch book, if you get what I mean... So I'm sorry toasters lovers, but you'll have to come down for youself and find what you want. :)

Here's Hall H, where way too many people were packed to see trailers and cast and directors for a bunch of movies coming out at the end of the year or next year... The first session was about 20th Century Fox, which was presenting "The day the earth stood still" and "Max Payne". For your delight, I posted some clips from the panels... There was no way I could capture the "real" people (they were tiny tiny!), but I hope this is fun enough. What did I discover during this panel? 1) Keanu Reeves was either in another world or he could not put together a sentence that made sense... (sorry, honey). 2) Mark Wahlberg is actually pretty funny and entertaining and much more good looking than I thought (and he really is!). Here are the clips...




I know, there was a lot of screaming involved, but what can you expect??? More screaming and swoony girls were up for a little surprise when they announced that no other than Mr. Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) just got there from Australia promoting the new Wolverine movie. He really has an aussie adorable accent. Quite funny, I think. Really good looking too :) No, no, I wasn't screaming, I promise. The trailer looked Marvel-ish as it should be and quite entertaining. I think I may give this movie a shot. Oh, yes, the previous two movies... the first one is the story of this alien who pops on Earth to watch us (Keanu Reeves is the alien). Mmmm... the interrogation scene seems to me too much like the Morpheus interrogation and Neo interrogation from the Matrix. And, of course, Keanu Reeves looks exactly the same in every scene. Ok, ok, I have to shut up now. The second movie, Max Payne, is apparently from a video game (did you guys know?). Waaaay to violent for me, so I'll leave it to somebody else. Oh I forgot: the first movie is a remake of a movie from the '50s, which I haven't watched (same title).


The second panel I went to was in the same room and it was about three new movies from Summitt Pictures. The first one is called "Push" and it has Dakota Fanning, Djimon Hounsou, and it's about a bunch of people with superpower coming together. It's filmed partially in Hong Kong, and it has a cool scene with fish tanks in the market exploding everywhere...

I forgot to tell you that u can record the panels, but the trailers and clips from the movies are off limits. They told me that Comic-Con people have been pretty good at not posting too much non-authorizes stuff, so major pictures keep having special previews and things just for Comic-Con every year.
Then there was the director of this new movie with Nicholas Cage (called "Knowing") where a little girl in the fifties wrote a series of numbers that ended up in a time capsule. When the capsule is opened (our time), it turnes out that the list of numbers is a list of all the major accidents and earthquakes and disasters happened in the past 50 years. And more to come... pretty "disastrous", really. No fun stuff attached to it.
The last panel was about "Twilight", the new movie coming out from the series of books by Stephenie Meyer. I have to admit I love the books (Darren and I talked about it, it's no Russian novel, but it's quite entertaining and sort of cute, definitely a page-turner). The last movie (the fourth) is coming out this August, and the movie is the first book only. I was pretty curious because I like the books, and I was soooo disappointed by how little these people can actually talks about something interesting. :) Maybe I shouldn't blame them all 'cause they are teenagers and they seemed all pretty nervous, but the hair adjusting and the funny faces really made my eyes roll after a couple of times. I'll still watch the movie, but I was hoping for more...


Anyway, here was my day. By the time I got out of Hall H, it was past 3pm and the Convention Center was so crowded that you couldn't even walk around. So, since y'll know I'm not fond of crowds (at all), I quietly sneaked out and walked back to my bike. Was it worth it? Sure :) Can I take more of it? Of course not. :)

PS: if you want the bigger and better version of some of these clips, just let me know. The original size was pretty big and I had to downgrade them...

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