Monday, March 29, 2010

Torrey Pines, One Last Time

Last weekend I went for the last time (at least for a while!) to the beach with Jeff, Karen, and Ben. Perfect day, perfect waves, and perfect sun. Ben was out as soon as he got inside his carrier and for most of the trip Karen was trying to fit a jacket between his head and the edge of the backpack to avoid crooked necks after!

We saw a man that was kayaking in a weird-looking elongated kayak. Sea kayak (not canoe), but completely closed so that water cannot enter. He was having a hard time to get past the waves, but once he was done he was going really fast...

Sunscreen time for all of us! Especially the ears...

Sabato mattina sono stata a Torrey Pines, una delle mie spiagge preferite, con Jeff, Karen e Ben. L'ultima giornata di spiaggia prima di lasciare San Diego. C'era un bel sole, la brezzolina, e tante onde che hanno fatto la felicita' dei bambini.

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