Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cane e casa

Dopo un viaggio di molte ore (per fortuna con un aereo un po' vuoto per via del Memorial Day) e uno scalo ad Amsterdam, sono arrivata in Italia con entrambe le mie valigie... e ho trovato ad aspettarmi una mamma un po' stanca e preoccupata, un papa' con meno capelli del solito e molto giu' (in attesa di nuove notizie), e un cane che fa fuori gatti in giardino come se fossero margherite. E ho portato subito anche la pioggia con me dall'Oregon...

E la casa e' sempre quella di sempre, con una bandiera che la mamma ha messo fuori dal balcone per aspettare il mio arrivo, e un balcone carico di gelsomini!

After many hours on the plane (luckily, the plane was half empty because of Memorial Day and I had four seats for myself, at least for a while...) and some time in Amsterdam, I arrived in Italy. They built a brand new 5-star Sheraton right in front of the airport, which doesn't look much to me but apparently is really nice inside. My mom was waiting for me and looked a bit tired, my dad had a lot less hair than I was expecting (and was a lot down...), but the dog kept its promise of being the usual cat-killer-troublemaker. My mom said that as long as it keeps thieves away, she (and the neighbors) are very happy. Spring is definitely here (as you can see from the jasmine on the balcony!), but I brought back some welcomed rain from Oregon to damp down the heat. News will follow. Hope you are all doing well.

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Shali said...

Love the dog. So cute. Wow -- your parents house is gorgeous. We're doing great here. Yesterday was sunny and 70 degrees and today will be 80 degrees. The rain comes back on Monday, but at least we get the weekend.