Sunday, November 04, 2012

Seven long years ago...

 ... there were three girls that went to Marquette University. Two moved away, one farther than the other. But the second came back, and the other one kept moving around. And the third one was always there... That's me, Yiying, and Georgia, at Yiying's and Kevin's house in Madison, seven years after we saw each other for the last time, at Yiying's wedding. I had a fantastic time in Madison and Milwuakee and I was really sad to leave. I really hope to be able to go back soon!

Lo scorso fine settimana sono andata a Chicago ad insegnare una classe per qualche giorno e mi sono fermata il fine settimana per andare a trovare Georgia a Milwaukee e Yiying a Madison. Erano sette anni che non ci ritrovavamo tutte insieme, e mi e' spiaciuto moltissimo non potermi fermare piu' a lungo. E incontrare i loro tre sbirulini (due per Yiying e una per Georgia) e' stata una delizia.

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